Add a Google Map to your Website

When customers are looking for your location, a map can be a helpful tool to finding your business. A Google Map can be added to your website with a few steps.

First, go to and type in your business address.

Once your address displays on the map, click on the  button. A new window will open.

Click on  to open the options for embedding a map on your website. Then, use the size dropdown to chose what size you would like the map to be. Once you have chose, click on  to copy the html content needed to embed the map to your website.

Now, in yout toolset, go to Content > Website Pages.

Chose the page you wish to add the map to from the list.

When the page opens, click on  at the top, right-hand corner of the screen.

Find the area that you want the map to be placed in, and click on the and the html content editor will open.

Click on  to open the html source code. This is where you will paste the map embed code in. Click save on the html content and on the overall page. The map will be live to your page.


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