Creating Projects

To create a new project, choose New Project... from the Project Mgt dropdown.

A dialog box will open.


  • Create from template: Select a template to create your project from.
  • Name: This is the name of the template.
  • Type: This is the type of project. Customizing project templates is discussed in the guide under Settings >> Project Types.
  • Status: This is the status the project will be in when the template is applied to a new project. Customizing statuses is discussed in the guide under Settings >> Statuses.
  • Due Date: When the template is applied to a new project, the due date will be based on how many days the project is set to complete.
  • Company: The company that the task is being completed for.
  • Contract: The contract associated with the task.
  • Manager(s): A user in the system who will take responsibility for the project as a whole.
  • Description: This is a broad overview of what the goal of the complete project will be.

When all fields are filled out, click on the Save button and the newly created project will open.


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