Tasks are the core of the project manager, and they contain a wealth of functionality and information that will allow you to efficiently manage them from start to completion.Tasks can be viewed in a list form by choosing Tasks from the Project Manager dropdown.

This list can be filtered by clicking on the Show Filters button. 

Fill out the field(s) you wish to filter by and click the Filter button. Results will show in the tasks list.

A new task can be created by clicking on the New Task button. A dialog will open. Creating a new task is discussed here.

An existing task can be viewed by clicking on the button next to the associated project.

Task Details: The basic task details such as its status and due date are listed here, and can be easily edited by mousing over them and clicking the pencil icon, or double-clicking the value (The task name can be changed via the Options menu.)

  • Description: A detailed explanation of what the goal of the task is.
  • Type: The type of task. Task types can be managed in the Project Manager Settings.
  • Due Date: The task deadline.
  • Status: The state that the task is currently in. Statuses can be managed in the Project Manager Settings.
  • Progress: This is for internal use. It is a percentage rate of the current completion of the job.
  • Assigned To: Where a user of the system is chosen to complete the job of the task.
  • Owner: The person who is in charge of the task. It is also able to be set to any user in the system.
  • Company: The company this task is associated with.
  • Contract: The contract this task is associated with.
  • Billable: This states whether the time associated with this task is billable or not.
  • Estimated Hours: This is an approximation of how long this task should take to complete.
  • Priority: For internal use. Tasks can be marked as high, medium, or low priority.
  • Notify Email Addresses: Please comma separated email addresses of people that should receive notifications on the task.

Options Menu: From this menu you send a task update email notification, edit task details (name, description, etc..), or delete the task.

Quick Add Menu: Quickly add a new note or file, or log some time on the task.

Task Checklist: The task checklist provides a simple to do list that is especially useful for larger tasks that may have several steps that need to be completed. You can quickly add checklist items using the box below, and items can then be checked off, edited, re-arranged and deleted as needed.

Notes: Notes can be added to a task by the assignees, the task owner, and if a task is part of a project, by the project managers, and by the associated milestone's assignees.

To add a new note, click on the New Note button. A dialog will appear.

Note Notifications: When creating or editing a note, you may send an e-mail notification of the action (which contains the note body) by selecting users or entering email addresses below. The task owner and assignees will be pre-selected, and the Email Addresses field will be pre-populated with the task's 'Notify Email Addresses', if any.

Files: In addition to notes, files can be uploaded an attached to a task. The files can then be easily updated and downloaded, allowing for simple and efficient file sharing between system users.

To add a new file, click on the Upload New File button on the top right hand side of the screen. A dialog box will open.

Time: From this view, you can log and track all the time spent on the task. Each time entry is composed of a date, duration, and description. You can also flag the entry as billable, which is particularly important if the project manager's billing module is enabled.

Time Summary: When time entries are logged, updated or deleted, the summary will automatically update with the current totals. If the billing module is enabled, it will also display the total amount to bill, which is calculated based on the task type and the total billable time logged.


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