Setting up your Staff List

With the web editor tools provided within your toolset, you have the ability to display information about your staff in a clear, consise way on your website using either the Staff Module or thr Staff Table. In order for either of these to populate correctly, you will need to add each staff member to the CRM to their own Staff list with all necessary information. Use the following links to learn how to add a new CRM record and create a new CRM List.

Once your records are created, be sure to populate the proper information.

  • Salutation, First Name, Last Name, Middle Name: These will all appear in the Staff Module or the Staff Table, ensure that they are populated properly.
  • Title: This will appear with the staff member's information, ensure it is populated.
  • Bio: This text area allows for any information desired to be displayed ont he website to be shown. In the Staff Module it will appear along side the Name, Photo, and Title of the staff member, while in the Staff Table, the site visitor is required to click the Staff Member's information in order to see the entire bio.

Once these fields are populated, click on the Files tab within the CRM record, located at the top of the record. A new screen will open. (If the files tab is not present, visit the article on the View Editor.) 

Click on Upload a New File. A document browser wil appear and you can locate the desired photo on your machine. 

Browse to locate the image. The Description field must be populated with the words "Profile Photo". Click Save when you are finished.

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