When Should I Send Email Marketing?

When it comes to sending Email Marketing, there is one thing that is vital to increase your deliverability and open rates; consistency. Be consistent in both the frequency and the time you deploy your emails. If you are marketing business to business (B2B), the best time to send out email is Tuesday through Thursday, at the start of the day or just after lunch. If you market business to consumer (B2C), the best time is Tuesday to Thursday, after 5pm or Friday evening to Sunday afternoon. Consider time zones when creating deployments, and segment marketing lists accordingly. Be consistent with the volume of emails you deploy. This is another item you can include when creating submissions forms or taking in data. It is important to communicate enough to make your name/business familiar yet not too much to cause the recipient to unsubscribe. It is recommended to market bi-weekly or once a month. Two important considerations; include something of value to the reader and to deploy higher quality Email Marketing less frequently than sending one of lesser quality more frequently.

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