Successful Project Management

Be Detailed
Be thorough when creating a project. Include all details within each task so that less questions are left unanswered. Define the scope of the porject in a clear and concise manner.
Establish Milestones
Define all the steps/resources necessary to complete the project, then group them into 3-5 phases. This makes the project  much easier to digest and manage.
Break down goals into individual tasks
Take a project one step at a time.
Budget time wisely
Consider potential project issues. Whether your systems engineer goes on a permanent vacation to Spain, your building gets bedbugs, or your supplier delivers your order late, you can count on something going amiss. Budget time for any issues you may encounter, so that you will never fall behind.
Do not let project knowledge reside only in your brain. Take advantage of the project manager tool and its capability to hold all documentation. Use tagging and notes for communications regarding the project.
Establish a process for review. Check that all goals were met before completing a task and moving to the next one. Test all deliverables before completion. 

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