Importing Data into Your CRM

Cleaning Your Data for Imports

Keeping well-maintained data is a crucial part of successful business operations. The first step to clean data, is ensuring that everything that goes into your CRM is properly groomed. Below are some key points to follow prior to beginning any import into your system.

  • Names:
    • Separate columns for salutation, first, last, title.
    • Last name should be 100% populated
  • Addresses:
    • Parse addresses that are consolidated.  (Address, City, State, Zip all need their own columns.)
  • Phone numbers:
    • Make sure any extensions are separated into their own column, and do not have any prefix ("x", "ext", ect)
  • Email addresses:
    • Every contact record must contain a valid email.
    • Ensure all email addresses are correctly formatted.
  • Eliminate any empty columns.
  • Keep data in columns consistent. Fix inconsistencies.
  • Include all required fields.

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